A Busy Day at Foxglove

Thursday, August 8th 2013

As has been said many times before volunteering at Foxglove covers a whole range of activities.  Today Tony and Mike attacked the back garden, much to the disappointment of the Pheasants who were unable to find much seed on the ground.  It looks great!  After this, they helped to cut, strim, and rake the net rides. 

Removing the reeds from the net ride and pond dipping platform

Glennis, Joan, Brian and Linda identified the moths. This caddis fly was also caught and was very co-operative in hanging around to be photographed.

Caddis fly

Ruth and Linda continued the task of sorting and naming the photographs that are used for displays.  Colin brought in the wormery he is making for Foxglove.  Many visitors were greeted and made welcome.  The first of the August Antics took place and over 20 adults and children enjoyed pond dipping.  Many snails and sticklebacks were caught, along with Freswater Shrimps, water boatmen and a dragonfly larva.

In the afternoon, Ann, Caroline, Brian, Linda, Ruth and Elizabeth set off to identify ferns.  Using the information given by the fern experts on the Bioblitz weekend the different ferns were examined.  Books, notes and hand lens were all needed.  We think, hope, possibly, perhaps, have them all sorted now!!

Fern Walk

And finally, late in the afternoon, time to walk around and enjoy the many butterflies and bees feasting from all the flowers.  Peacock Butterflies can still be seen in large numbers.  This one was feeding from the Hemp Agrimony.

Peacock Butterfly feeding on Hemp Agrimony

The heath is turning purple as the Heather begins to bloom and the bees are busy searching for nectar.

Bee on Heather

A huge thank you to all the volunteers today who helped in so many different ways.

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Tony Cooper responded on 8th Aug 2013 with...

Picture of Tony Cooper

It was great to watch the newly formed Fern Identification Group (FIG for short) enthusiastically adding to their collective species knowledge, including hybrids and mutants! I wish that my retentive memory would hold more than it does of what I learn and am shown by our experts! Still, we soldier on with our duties as common artisans amidst the intellectual excellence of others!

Also I have to thank my kind and thoughtful friends and colleagues at Foxglove Covert for their best wishes and card in celebration of my recent special birthday.


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