A Mix of Jobs

Thursday, August 4th 2016

Today was another busy day, made all the easier because we had volunteers working alongside us. Again this is a prime example of how important the volunteers are to the running of FGC.
To start the day the Reserve Managers split up and had a work party helping with clearing brushwood, and assisting the Tree Surgeons – Sean and Lee.

Keith took a well earned break watching for the Water Vole.

Stacey, Jacky and Elizabeth were running an educational visit for Richmond Day Service, where mini-beast hunting at the outdoor classroom was followed by crafts in the activity room.

The afternoon was again hot and sticky as we finished clearing the brushwood and made piles for processing at a later date; we were also pulling birch and willow along the Scrapes.

Whilst piling up the brushwood I noticed Cinnibar Moth caterpillars on the Ragwort.

Ragwort is poisonous to most mammals, and over time can damage the liver, however these caterpillars use the poison as a deterrent to birds, and their yellow and black stripes also give that warning of  ‘I am not good to eat‘!

 Another visitor to the Ragwort was this Small Skipper.

Mike and Tony completed the water sampling, which involves testing for nitrates and phosphates in a number of the water sources around the reserve, all results showed a mere trace. They concluded with repairing a step on the moorland, and tree popping.

Peter and I finally got to pull out three redundant posts from the head of the lake, which involved wading in fairly dense mud up to my waist - which reminds me I must fix the hole in the waders!

Thank you to all that helped today.

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