A Very Wet Day

Monday, June 5th 2017

Today it rained. Not just a light drizzle, or even scattered showers, but a constant downpour of heavy rain that began about 6am and continued until mid-afternoon. This was rather unfortunate as we were expecting a small group of GCSE students who were coming from Beverely School in Middlesbrough to try various biological sampling techniques out on the reserve.

The weather was far too wet for being outside. The gutters were overflowing and creating waterfalls all around the field centre building. Luckily we had set the moth trap under cover on the veranda the night before and had a good catch of interesting moths. The students spent some time learning how a moth trap works and then identifying and recording the species caught before releasing them.

After a talk about the reserve and a discussion of some of the monitoring we do here, it finally faired up enough to head outside. We all headed down to the pond dipping platforms to see what we could find lurking in the depths. One of the Highlights was a Great Diving Beetle Larvae eating Tadpoles. We also studied the different Caddis Fly larva we found and marvelled at their excellent camouflage. 

Despite the weather, and last minute changes of plan, everyone had a good day out. We will try to do the sampling techniques on a drier day later in the year!

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