All Done and Dusted!

Sunday, September 2nd 2018

All done and dusted for another year.  CES 12 was completed today.  In all of the 26 years CES has been running at Foxglove not a day has been missed.  Some days, over the years, have been challenging due to the weather conditions but with hard work and commitment the ringers have ensured every session has been completed.  Congratulations and a huge thank you to everyone involved.

The nets were opened at 0530 this morning and taken down at 1600.  It was a day in part of Great Tits and Blue Tits.  Many had been ringed in the nest boxes but surprisingly several were new birds.  Adult birds were few, as they are still moulting.  Most of the summer migrants have now left and headed south. 

Some of the bird ringing team at the end of the session, just before they all sat down for a welcome cup of tea and cake. When the totals were tallied it showed that the day had been 10th equal for CES day 12 over the past 26 years.  Looking at the totals for the entire CES season it again showed that 2018 was 10th out of 26 indicating that the year has been just a bit better than average where numbers of birds caught is concerned.  Further analysis will be conducted shortly by the BTO staff.

The bird ringing team

Early this morning a white shape gliding over the moorland proved to be a Barn Owl.  One of 'ours' I am sure!  John was able to catch this image, from a long distance.

Barn Owl

It was also a day of butterflies.  They were making the most of the late summer heat and feeding on Hemp Agrimony and Devil's Bit Scabious.

Although I have rather a lot of butterfly photos I am unable to resist taking more.  Comma butterflies have a most beautiful wing pattern and edge.

Comma Butterfly

Brimstones were flying too.  Can you find where this one is hidden?

Hidden Brimstone Butterfly

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