An Almost Dry CES 7

Monday, July 9th 2012

A dry day seemed highly unlikely after all the weather forecasts were scrutinised, but we were lucky to complete all of CES 7 with only one short shower early in the morning.  Tony read an email from the BTO thanking everyone involved in CES for all their hard work and commitment. 

No Garden Warblers were caught today and only eight on the last CES.  Discussions lead to the opinion that they had started their journey south to Africa after failed breeding attempts.  Juvenile Willow Warblers and Chiffchaff were ringed along with Robins and Wrens. Taken to the same CES date last year Chiffchaff numbers are 10% up and Willow Warblers ca 40% down.  The total of birds ringed on the reserve by this date last year was 2136; this year it is 1177, the substantial reduction being due almost certainly to weather-associated factors.

Juvenile Redstart

It was a surprise when this young male Redstart was caught and on the same net round a young Nuthatch was also found.

Juvenile Nuthatch

In all 154 birds were processed.  Thanks to everyone who helped today and also to those volunteers who spent damp days strimming and mowing the net rides in preparation - for which the ringers were extremely grateful.

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