Another Busy Day

Sunday, September 29th 2013

One group of ringers set off to the Crater this morning whilst the other group assembled at Foxglove.  Although it is late in the season for Meadow Pipits to be on the moor, they were there in numbers again today.  Over 100 were ringed.  Interestingly an adult was processed.  This bird had been ringed as a juvenile, on the moor, in August 2011.

Back at Foxglove the birds handled were mainly juveniles, most well through their post juvenile moult.  The Coal Tits are increasing in numbers.  Many will have bred in the surrounding conifer plantations and will spend the winter in Foxglove.  It was good to see some Great Tits and Blue Tits coming through the ringing room that had been ringed in the nest.   Amongst other birds caught were Wren, Robin, Goldcrest and Treecreeper.  Over a hundred birds were added to the data base during the session.

In the morning the children of Eco Club learnt about feeding the birds.  They made 'bird pudding' which was placed in containers and then hung in the back garden.  As we walked around the reserve, different fruits and seeds were pointed out.  Rowan and Blackberries have had an excellent year and these will feed many Blackbirds and Thrushes over the coming weeks.  We looked at  tiny seeds, like Nyger, thistle and Teasel and wondered how many of these some birds would have to eat in a day!

The children then visited the ringing room where they knowledgably answered questions about bird ringing and the different species they saw.

Eco Club in the ringing room

All of these activities could not take place without the help of many volunteers who carry out so many different tasks.  Thank you very much.

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