Changing Seasons

Saturday, October 22nd 2016

Spring sees photographs taken of new fresh green shoots and the first flowers.  Eagerly hunted are the butterflies that appear when the sun comes out.  Many a splodge is the result of the chases to catch one just right.  Summer sees us not knowing what to focus the camera on.  Thank goodness for digital photography, as many photos as you like, can be taken.  Autumn sees a change and the need to look closely at other plants and animals.

There can be as many as 20 Mallard on the lake.  They do enjoy a stretch.

Mallard having a stretch

Although not a good photo of the Mallards, the late afternoon light caught their V shaped trails.

V shaped trails

Rain soaks the reserve in autumn.  If it is the 'right' sort of rain then water droplets are formed.  The capsules of this moss, on the dry stone wall, had caught them beautifully.

The 'right' water droplets!

There are lichens growing on the large stones that line the access road.  On closer inspection these little fellows can only remind me of Disney characters!

Disney characters!

The lichen is Baeomyces rufus.

More Disney characters

No matter what time of year we always hope for some flowers and on the island at the last pond dipping platform, some Dog Daisies are still blooming.

Dog Daisies

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