December Winter Worky Day

Saturday, December 1st 2012

It was with 'gusto' that the forty volunteers set off to carry out winter habitat work this morning!

Setting off

The children began the day by filling all of the bird feeders around the reserve.

Feeding the Birds

This was great fun!

Filling feeders

The birds were waiting in the trees nearby and came straight to the food watched by the young helpers.

Watching the Birds

Elsewhere, a team carried out woodland work along Risedale Beck.

Tank tracks

Adam and Lilian were IC chicken curry and a fine job they did too!

Dinner time

The felled Sycamore trees were tidied up in no time by the other team.

Sycamore bonfire

Here is the 'after' photo. This area will be replanted with native trees.


Thanks to everyone for all your help and support. What a great way to spend a beautiful sunny winter's day.

Blue Sky


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