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Sunday, June 30th 2013

A jigsaw puzzle started Eco Club today - a home made one.  Photos of flowers were cut into rectangles, and then each had to be put together to show the flower.  Smaller rectangles made the puzzle just a little more difficult!  Eventually all were completed and we set off to discover which flowers were in bloom.  We also checked the scents of leaves and flowers such as mint, Hedge Woundwort and Wild Garlic.  Creeping Thistle does have a sweet scent but for some reason, not today! 

Zig Zag Clover was growing in the Scrapes,

Zig Zag Clover

as was Yellow Flag Iris.

Yellow Flag Iris

Cotton Grass, with its white furry heads made quite a show.  The seeds are not yet ready to be dispersed by the wind.

Cotton Grass

As it was warm and sunny insects were easily seen.  Many insects rely on flowers directly for food, eating the pollen and nectar.  Several bees were seen feeding amongst the Raspberries. Other insects use flowers as places to hide in wait for their prey.

This tiny moth, Nemophora degeerella, was seen and the children were amazed by the size of its anntenna, wondering how it managed to fly.

Nemophora degeerella

Of course there are always insects that do not conform to the rules and this shield bug was quite happy on the rail of the bridge.

Sheild bug

Sweep netting on the moor yielded many insects some of which were suspected to be Horse flies! They can give a nasty bite but today they were more interested in flying out of the nets.  Greenfly, spiders, sawfly caterpillars, tiny snails and flower bugs were all caught.  Our walk continued along Risedale Beck where Water Aven, Daisy, and Herb Robert were examined and damselflies and Cercopis vulnerata were added to the list.

Thank you to everyone who helped this morning.

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