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Sunday, November 9th 2014

Those older people who read the blog will remember the frustration of taking photographs, finishing the role of film, taking it to a shop and then waiting for a week or so for the photographs to be returned.  Then the disappointment of a blurred image.  A photograph that could not be taken again.

Today we have digital photography.  Amazing, click, look, take another if it is not just what you wanted.  Technology and the lens, now mean close ups and zoom shots are the norm.

Having said that this photograph of the Kingfisher in the Ash tree above the lake, really was pushing the camera to its limits!  But you can see the colours, just.

Kingfisher in Ash tree

There may be a slight hint of competiton for Kingfisher photographs!  John took one earllier in the week.  Today it was Glennis's turn.  This is titled 'Got one!!'

Got one!!

Nature is amazing and you never know what you are going to see when you head out for a stroll around Foxglove.  Take your camera and keep clicking away!

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