Flower Walk

Monday, August 27th 2012

Ann, Ruth and Elizabeth were in at Foxglove today doing the monthly flower walk through the reserve.  93 species were recorded, with some habitats still to visit.

Devil's Bit Scabious

This Devil's Bit Scabious was seen through the scrapes where the wet soils provide ideal growing conditions.  Species of scabious have been used in the past to treat some skin conditions, including sores caused by the Bubonic Plague.  In folk tales the short black root was bitten off by the devil, angry at the plants ability to cure these ailments.


Knapweed also known as Hardheads were seen across the reserve.  The late summer plants provide a valuable source of nectar for many insects including the Small Skipper seen feeding here.

Rose Spindles

On Sunday Brian and Michaela spotted this unusual fungus down near the bullet catcher.  Rose Spindles is found across the country, but is uncommon; normally found growing in grassland or open woodland in loose groups.

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