Flowers, Fruits and Seeds

Sunday, September 23rd 2018

In June we marvel at the bright yellow of Yellow Flag Iris in the Scrapes and around the lake. 

Yellow Flag Iris

Unfortunately these flowers do not last long and soon go over. All we can see for several weeks are the long flat leaves.  By September the seed pods have developed.  They have a very tough outer coat, protecting the yellow orange seeds inside.  As the seeds ripen so the pod breaks open exposing the seeds which are then dispersed by the stem gently moving in the wind.

Yellow Flag Iris seed pod and seeds

Blackthorn flowers early and soon coats parts of the reserve white with blossom.


Green leaves soon cover the black stems and by autumn the blue Sloes have developed.  This year has been a particularly good year and branches are hanging with berries.


May sees us able to 'cast a clout', although some layers are still left handy for cold mornings.  Hawthorn blossom follows the Blackthorn covering different areas of the reserve white. 

Hawthorn flowers

Now those same trees are full of  red berries just waiting for our winter migrants to return.

Hawthorn berries

Hemp Agrimony is not the most attractive of flowers to look at, but appeals to many butterflies, bees and hoverflies as it is nectar rich.

Small Tortoiseshell on Hemp Agrimony

The seed heads are delilcate and the seeds dispersed by gentle breezes.

Hemp Agrimony Seed Head

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