Girls’ Names Quiz Results

Monday, April 20th 2015

Congratulations to Michael Fenwick who is the winner of the English Towns Quiz - the winner was drawn from a hat from the entrants who scored full marks.. Congratulations also to The Coopers who scored full marks. Other scores are as follows: 35 - Mrs. Byers and Emma, 33 - The Darwins, 32 - The Halls and The Bacons, 31 - Mr. Hird, and 30 - Mrs Stott.

Below are the questions and answers for the quiz.

  1. She is able to mix easily - Isabel
  2. I went to Seoul to see her - Louise
  3. Goddess of the moon - Diana
  4. Is she Celia's twin? - Alice
  5. Is she named after the Red City? - Petra
  6. She's the same which ever way you view her - Hannah
  7. A European country gets in amongst her - Francine
  8. Mrs Punch - Judy
  9. She could go down a leadmine - Madeline
  10. Does she do little, the lazy girl? - Eliza
  11. Her proper name is Bellis - Daisy
  12. She lives next door to Florence (and speaks the same language!) - Siena
  13. First published in 1815 - Emma
  14. Do you fancy afternoon tea here? - Betty
  15. The plane surrounds the indefinite article - Janet
  16. Her other name is Erica - Heather
  17. If you called her by another name she would still smell as sweet - Rose
  18. Quite a contrary lady - Mary
  19. A faint light surrounds the OT prophet - Aurelia
  20. She can be mixed up in New York - Nancy
  21. The mart has her in - Martha
  22. I wish to visit parts of Transylvania - Sylvia
  23. This is a stinker of a clue! - Kristen/Kirsten
  24. Did she catch an eel? - Lee
  25. She'd span the river to a t - Bridget
  26. Abandoned by Theseus - Ariadne
  27. A little woman - Beth
  28. Some kind of aural mix-up here - Laura
  29. Her name suggests elegance and beauty of form and movement - Grace
  30. She has a mineral deposit in her den - Doreen
  31. Donkey or Spinning - Jenny
  32. She is adamant there is no t - Amanda
  33. She mixed up the sail - Lisa
  34. Reigned from 1819 to 1901 - Victoria
  35. In the sky with diamonds - Lucy
  36. I bumped into Kate - Katie

Thank you to Pat and Glennis who have once again compiled and marked this quiz for us.  It has been very successful, raising over £100 for the reserve! There is already another quiz in the pipeline which will be released shortly.


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