Meadow Maintenance

Tuesday, July 25th 2017

Much of today was spent on the Wildflower meadow and in the neighbouring Plover’s Pool field. The task was meadow maintenance. It is the time of year to remove thistles. With no control, they have a tendency to take over everything else and a thistle bed is not really what we are wanting. By removing them now, when the seeds are just starting to form we are not depriving the bees and butterflies of their food source. Despite our best efforts there are always more thistles than we can pull, meaning there will still be plenty left for the wildlife next year.

It was a nice day for thistle pulling - after heavy rain the ground was soft so they pulled out quite easily. For once the flies didn’t seem to be biting much either. It will not be long before our flower meadow is cut. We have deliberately left it until now to allow as many of the flowers as possible to drop their seeds back into the soil before cutting.

The Yellow Rattle is no longer yellow, but is definitely living up to the rattle part of its name now that the seeds are ripe.

Ann spent some time collecting some seed in case we decide to introduce it to any other parts of the reserve.

Whilst out on the Meadow we found this large Green Tiger Beetle.

To finish the day we removed tree guards from some of the larger trees that were becoming choked by their guards.

Thanks very much to all the volunteers who helped out today.

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