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Monday, June 25th 2018

I took a guided walk this afternoon and intended to use the photos taken, for the blog, but received into my Inbox last night and this evening photographs from the North, more than enough to fill the blog.

Three quite large Buzzard chicks had just been ringed.

Buzzard chicks

What a view when they were returned to their nest!

Buzzard nest

A nest of Ringed Plover eggs were found.  The nest is a scrape in the rocks and gravel.  The eggs are very pointed and well camouflaged.

Ringed Plover nest

Later some chicks were found and ringed.  They already have their 'ring' around their neck.

Ringed Plover

The ringers are licensed and experienced and know where and how to check for nests of many species of bird, without causing unnecessary harm and disturbance.  They have, so far found ten nests of Red Breasted Mergansers.  It looks so 'comfy', especially in comparison with the little Plover nest!

Red Breasted Merganser nest

Mallards can be found almost anywhere and whilst many of our ducklings are now growing, these ones at Cape Wrath are just hatching.

Mallard Ducklings

 These are two Sandwich tern chicks.

Sandwich Tern chicks

It has been very warm at Foxglove today, but as some of the above photos show, people are wearing coats so obviously not quite as warm there as here.

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