Net Ride Maintenance

Tuesday, March 3rd 2015

Now work in the coppice block is complete we can concentrate on other jobs around the reserve. Vegetation along net rides is managed by pollarding; this involves cutting the willow that lines the rides at six foot. This ensures that the vegetation is at a similar height to the mist nets, allowing for them to be most effective.

Volunteers have already worked along several net rides this winter so quickly got stuck into the task.

Several large Silver Birch trees were felled close by. These trees were removed as they set thousands of seeds each year, creating a thick, dense covering of fast growing saplings. These young trees then shade any ground flora and many other trees reducing the diversity of plants found in these areas.

By the end of the day a huge amount had been achieved. The bird ringers will all be grateful for the hard work and effort that has been put in to improve these net rides.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with this task today.

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Lesley Garbutt responded on 3rd Mar 2015 with...

Picture of Lesley Garbutt

As one of the bird-ringers at FGC, I would like all volunteers to know that their hard work in maintaining the net rides is greatly appreciated by the team of ringers.  It would be lovely if you could spare the time on a Sunday to call into the ringing room and see the birds ‘close-up’ that you help us to catch in the nets. You’ll be more than welcome to join us.


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