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Sunday, October 22nd 2017

Firstly some news.  On the blog of the 11th October, there was a photo of an unco-operative fungus.  It transpires that it is called Redleg Club,  Typhula erythropus.  Chris, who guides and helps us with our fungi,  took it to show the NE Fungus Study Group. They were fascinated by it. Tom Kirby said it was a significant find and Chris has sent an official record, via him, to the BMS (British Mycological Soc.) database.  Thanks go to Pauline who actually found this tiny specimen.

Redleg Club

Talking of tiny specimens Dr Roger Key is holding a training course for Friends and volunteers on Invertebrates on the 1st November. If you are interested then please look at our events page for more details.

And on a totally different track it is our Worky Day on Saturday 4th November and our Coffee Morning on Thursday 9th November.  Again there are more details on the events page.

I ended the blog yesterday with an artistic photograph. This one is more colourful, with red Hawthorn Berries against the yellow and grey lichens.

Red Hawthorn berries

Looking through others that I took, I rather liked this one.  Some fungi and a single Rose Hip.

Fungi and a Rose Hip

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