News and Water Again!

Friday, July 6th 2012

Just after 9pm last night, another email, with photograph arrived from Cape Wrath.  'Things are very late here. This is an Arctic Skua nest found today - but little has hatched yet, as you can see!  We saw several pairs on the Cape side earlier.'

Arctic Skua egg in nest

The team are heading for home tomorrow, we wish them a safe journey.

Hurworth School came for their third visit this week and we managed to finish the first activity, when the rain came down and we returned to the classroom.  Refreshments were taken in the hope that the rain would ease but it did not, so a short talk was given and a game played.

Meanwhile outside the lawn and road were flooding!!

Rain and flooded lawns

Water is amazing at eroding the soil and stones over which it flows.  The large stone seen at the exit from the right hand stream used to be embedded in the 'hole' that can be seen behind and slightly to its right.  

Moved stone

Volunteers have rebuilt  the dams in Risedale Beck more than once.  It looked today as though this one was survivng the raging water, at least for the time being.

Dam in Risedale beck

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