News from the North and Foxglove Sightings

Sunday, June 24th 2018

Firstly more news from the North.  For several years the team have found a Barn Owl's nest on an island.  There have been eggs and chicks too young to ring but this year success, two chicks were ringed.  This photo shows where the nest is.

Barn Owl nest

 These two beautiful Barn Owl chicks are just beginning to show their golden feathers through their down.

Barn Owl Chicks

Yesterday's blog mentioned that the Barn Swallows ringed by the ringing team were probably the furthest north Barn Swallows ringed!  I think the Barn Owl chicks can also be put into that category.  There was no ringing at Cape Wrath yesterday as there was heavy rain and strong winds.  The weather forecast is better for the rest of the week.

Back at Foxglove a well grown Moorhen chick was standing on the Bulrush stems.  I am not sure if this was an old nest or a convenient resting place.

Well grown Moorhen chick

Watching several Mallards feeding on the bank I noticed a movement, it was the Little Grebe, there one minute gone the next.  I kept a close look out and then saw him (?) feeding four chicks.

Little Grebe and young

Also flying around the weir was the Grey Wagtail, whose presence has been missed over the early summer.

Continuing with things that fly, moths can be seen on the vegetation, especially those with white in their patterened wings.  This is a Silver Ground Carpet.  We often catch them in the trap and they sit on the Field Centre.

Silver Ground Carpet moth

A rare catch was a Red-necked Footman caught in the trap on Thursday.  It was not a fresh one as can be seen by the marks on its wings.

Red-necked Footman

Although not the best of photographs this one does show its yellow/orange abdomen.

Red-necked Footman

More flight, but not under their own steam.  The Cotton Grass seeds were beginning to be dispersed in the gentle breeze.

Cotton Grass seeds being dispersed

Always something to see on a walk around, I spotted this combination of flowers, a Common Spotted Orchid in amongst Ragged Robin.

Common Spotted Orchid and Ragged Robin

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