Open Day Minus 2

Friday, July 22nd 2011

Work continues apace as the Open Day draws near.  This morning the organising team met to work through the final planning stages to ensure that all the angles are covered; they then dispersed to join a host of volunteers who were already engaged on a range of tasks from shredding course vegetation on the heath to repairing the doors on the workshop. 

Work started on the many exhibits and demonstrations that are to take place throughout the day.  Activities will start at 10.00am on Saturday and go on until 4.00pm.  These activities cover three areas and will include a range of static exhibits and stalls and a number of specific demonstrations and walks which will start at set times.   The formal opening of some of the new facilities on the reserve will be conducted by three of our principle guests during the morning.

Parking will be on the Parade Square at the entrance to the reserve and transport will be provided to ferry guests up to the Field Centre. A site map and a full programme will be available at the main gate and quality food and refreshments will be on sale.

The Reserve Treasurer would like to take the opportunity to thank very sincerely all those who have given up so much of their time to assist, in a variety of different ways, with the preparation of the Field Centre and the reserve itself - which looks magnificent.  Some have given endless hours of their time, yet for family or other reasons will not even be able to attend on the day.  How remarkable is that - what extraordinary commitment!  The volunteers and 'associate' staff have done a truly outstanding job and several deserve to be named individually - but they know who they are so where the cap fits etc .....

It has been, once again, a commendable team effort and huge credit is due to all concerned.  Thank you.  Hopefully you will all be rewarded with glorious sunshine on the day - and Rosie can wear her shorts and sandals! 









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