Out on the Moor

Tuesday, May 13th 2014

Each summer sheep and cattle are used on the moorland to help us manage the coarse grasses and rushes. With the warm wet weather the grass is growing fast; we are hoping the livestock will be with us by the end of next week.

Earlier in April, 450 Yellow Rattle plug plants were planted out in three sections on the moorland wildflower meadow. To give these the best chance of becoming established in the sward, volunteers have spent the day building fences to protect these from being grazed off by the livestock.

The Yellow Rattle plants have come on well since they were planted. They will grow to about 25-50cm and flower through the summer months. The fruit is a dry capsule, which contain loose, rattling seeds when ripe, from which the plant gets its name.

Thank you all for your help today!

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