Owl Update

Saturday, May 10th 2014

The bird ringers are still busy checking the owl nest boxes out on the training area and at Foxglove.  They have found that some of the Tawny Owl chicks are almost ready to fledge.  Below you can see that this one is losing its down as the primary wing feathers start to develop.

Owlet growing up

This one is sitting quietly and comfortably as it waits to be returned to the nest box.

Waiting patiently

Tawny Owls are nocturnal and when out in the daylight usually keep their eyes closed.  This one obviously wanted to see what was going on!

Very Observant owlet

Last night some more boxes were checked and these chicks were ringed.  If you look closely you can see three beaks!

Tawny Owl chicks in the nest box

To date, 44 Tawny Owl chicks have been ringed and there are still some nest boxes to return to. It has been a very good year for them.  Mice and voles are also having a good year, probably after the mild winter.  Unfortunately for them, this means plenty of food for the owls!

Little Owls used to be seen in regular haunts. Not many are spotted now as their numbers have decreased over recent years especially after the prolonged snowy spell last spring.  A surprise last night, was being able to ring this Little Owl which had taken over a Barn Owl box!

Little Owl

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