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Tuesday, August 14th 2018

The Tuesday volunteer group continued where the Thursday group had finished last week and were able to further extend the new surface on the path down through the Willow Carr area towards the Scrapes.

Luckily, the weather remained dry if dull and so several rounds began of collecting trailer loads of stone, emptying these into wheelbarrows to be wheeled along the path, to be spread out and compacted down.  The small group of volunteers were able to lay a further third of the length of path, leaving the final section to be completed later on.  Many thanks to those involved for a job well done.

Members of the Yorkshire Exmoor Pony Trust arrived at lunchtime to help move Lark and Taurus from the Heathland.  Having spent the morning out in Nidderdale catching one pony who is not always willing to be caught (but wasn't too bad this time), it was the turn of the Foxglove Two to decide if they were going to be amenable or not.  Despite initial diffidence, Taurus soon gave in to the temptation of a piece of carrot and the head collars went on easily.

The only problem during the walk across to the Wetland was the three cars coming the other way as we went past the Visitor Centre.  The behaviour of the boys was immaculate as they moved off the road and waited patiently for the vehicles to pass.  Taurus obviously knew where he was going as he got more visibly interested as they walked through the conifers with the Wetland in sight.

The final task for the day was to cut and strim the grass around the Field Centre.  This has been left during the long hot, dry spell but is now starting to shoot away again.  No doubt we will be returning to this very soon!

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