Pesky Vegetation!

Saturday, May 6th 2017

I am still looking through photographs to find ones that show how Foxglove has changed over 25 years.  It is amazing how some areas have developed, but some things stay the same!  Those pesky bits of vegetation.  This was taken in 2008 and yes there is a Roe Deer hidden in the depths!

Roe Deer behind pesky vegetation!

This Water Vole was swimming on the Voley Pond in 2008.

Water Vole

Last weekend I bemoaned the fact that the apple had a label on it!  My friend took pity on me and worked his magic.  No label on the apple!

No label!

And even a step further no vegetation!  Thank you!

No vegetation!

However there are times when vegetation is needed.  Sightings of tadpoles have been few but when the sun shone on the wall of the weir and the floating debris, you could see that it was covered with tadpoles.

Tadpoles on the wall of the weir

Leaves of Bulrush, Phragmites and some Elodea all provided a safe haven for the tadpoles and for some algae on which they feed.


Male Orange Tip butterflies were flitting in many sunny glades last week but would not stay still.  I did not even get a splodge!  I did catch this female feeding from Lady's Smock, sometimes known as Cuckoo Flower as its flowering coincides with the arrival of the Cuckoo.

Female Orange Tip Butterfly

So not all vegetation is pesky!

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