Pond Dipping

Wednesday, June 11th 2014

This afternoon Middleham C of E Primary school visited Foxglove Covert.  They went minibeast hunting and pond dipping.  During the minibeast hunt they found millipedes, butterflies, ladybirds and many smaller insects.  Pond dipping resulted in several different types of caddis larvae being caught.  Some had their homes made of twigs, some of leaves and some from tiny grains of sand.  We were asked a question, 'What do the larvae use to stick everything together?'   We presume it is a form of saliva but some research will be needed to find out exactly.

Also caught, was an adult Great Diving Beetle.

Great Diving Beetle adult

And then a Great Diving Beetle larva was caught.  It was moving around so quickly it was difficult to get a good photograph.  However you can plainly see the biting pincers on this carnivorous larva.  The adult is carnivorous too.

Great Diving Beetle larva

Whilst trying to photograph a leech a Whirligig beetle was caught on camera.  The children decided that these beetles would soon become very dizzy!

Whiriygig Beetle

During the morning, volunteers carried out a flower survey.  Whilst checking for flowers this Eyed Ladybird was seen.

Eyed Ladybird

Volunteering is never dull at Foxglove.  Today they  were involved in identifying moths, welcoming visitors, helping with the school visit, supporting the bird ringers as they checked boxes and made tea and washed up.  What will they be doing tomorrow?

A huge thank you to everybody who helped today.

STOP PRESS - information just in about the caddis larvae cases -  ‘Most caddis fly larvae are underwater architects and use silk, excreted from salivary glands near their mouths, for building‘.

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