Pony Parade

Thursday, June 28th 2018

Summer is the season for cleaning bird feeders and ensuring good hygiene practice.

Birds are susceptible to a range of different diseases, such as Salmonellosis, Avian pox, and Trichomonosis, all of which can be spread via contaminated food or surfaces. For more information on bird diseases and hygiene, including what to look out for and means of prevention, click here.

After passing through our bird feeder cleaning station we allow the feeders to dry before filling them back up and putting them back where they were found, just in time to be refilled by Colin tomorrow.

Aside from bird feeder cleaning we were also busy yesterday evening moving Lark and Taurus from Plovers' Pool to the Heath.

Both of the lads were very well behaved and excited to be returning to the Heath paddocks, which have an abundance of different feed to choose from.

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