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Monday, March 21st 2016

It was another dull day as I drove into the reserve, the proposed re-surfacing work had not started so I was able to go through the usual gate, however I hear that gate is now closed so will have to take the diversion tomorrow.

There seemed more Lesser Redpolls than usual on getting to the Field Centre, plenty on the feeders requiring me to restock with their Nyjer seed, the main difference was their constant song and numbers around the area which seemed to follow me as I walked to checked the levels of the Wetlands.

A pair of Greylags honked annoyed at my presence, and Mallards took off from the ponds in haste to avoid me. Frogspawn was everywhere, but I did not see one frog, only toads sitting on the silt at the base of the deeper ponds unmoving, as yet no strands of toadspawn noticed. I was pleased to see the water levels had increased and were again flowing into the overflow pipes, a promising sight. I put in some marked pegs to show me the levels more easily, then walked the bunds to see if there was other life. A few Wolf Spiders ran across the pond surfaces often mistaken for Raft Spiders as they cling to the surface tension. Pond Skaters did as their name suggests


The Honey Bees in the Field Centre had finally removed their dead, having a spring clean themselves.

After doing the usual checks and emails, Elizabeth came in to help me with gathering the pond dipping equipment, and checking its serviceability for the coming Easter holiday activities, plus a general stock take of educational equipment/teaching aids. A few mends were required, but generally OK. We readied the tanks for the frog/toad spawn which we keep in the classroom for folk to view in comfort. Felt a little like spring cleaning ourselves.

Elizabeth had noticed the Scrape Ponds were lower than usual, on investigation a Water Vole hole was…again…draining where we did not want it drained, but was easily rectified. The rest of the afternoon I dredged reed and debris from the pond dipping platforms, enjoying the afternoon sun.

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Tim Randall responded on 25th Mar 2016 with...

Picture of Tim Randall

A great Blog with a very readable style. It helps me to feel like I’ve been to visit and joined in with the activities.


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