Preparation for ‘Worky Day’

Saturday, March 10th 2012

Today preparations continued for tomorrow's 'Worky Day'.  Jake made some signs.  Tools were allocated to the wheelbarrows.  Tea bags and coffee, spoons and sugar, juice and drinking chocloate were amongst some things taken to the porta-cabin. 

There are many Sycamores in the woodland that have been badly damaged by the squirrels.  The sap is very sweet and they peel back the bark to have a good feed.  This makes the trees susceptible to disease.

A 'before' the work starts photo.  An 'after' the work has finished will be on tomorrow's blog.

The woodland

Adam, Sophie and Tony, armed with chainsaws, cut down the trees ready for everyone to clear and burn tomorrow.


Added to this there are areas where there is a lot of brash that needs clearing.  Some of the larger logs will be made into log piles and these encourage invertebrates to take up residence.  They may also provide good places for the growth of moss and fungi.

Although the woodland is not yet showing much new growth there were a few eye catching green leaves of Wood Sorrel, Foxglove and this beautiful moss.


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