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Friday, June 3rd 2016

There was slightly more sun today, which is hopefully a sign of more to come over the weekend - the weather forecast looks good, so do come to Foxglove and enjoy the sunshine here! The bees have been returning with pollen baskets full and the flowers are starting to show themselves in greater numbers, hopefully more to come!

Early Purple Orchids

As always Colin filled the bird feeders in preparation for the CES on Sunday, there have been a few Siskin juveniles around the Field Centre, so the ringing on Sunday may give us some young birds to process. Thank you to Colin, below, for his help again.

Here are the quiz results-

Answers for the Colour Quiz
1. amber 2. buff 3. cherry 4. titian 5. ginger 6. peach 7. eau de nil
8. red 9. violet 10. navy 11. brown 12. ochre 13. rose 14. terracotta 15. lilac 16. magenta 17. pink 18. lavender 19. cream 20. carmine
21. gold 22. lime 23. cerise 24. tan 25. olive 26. ecru 27. burnt umber
28. silver 29. rust or wine 30. scarlet 31 royal blue 32. chocolate
33. bottle green 34. camel 35. burnt sienna 36. indigo

36 answers correct:
Sophie’s mum
Michael Fenwick
Sophie Rainer
Christine Byers
The Coopers
Adam and Stacey

The winner of the £10 voucher is Sophie's Mum.

35 correct:
Val and Ted Darwin

34 correct:
Brian Hird
Anne and Mike Bacon
Carole Davies

32 correct:
Beryl Fowler

31 correct:
L. Brunskill

30 correct
M. Simpson

Once again, we are grateful to all those who supported our quiz and appreciated you sending them in. The next one is already being compiled and will be available shortly at FGC or from volunteers. All money accrued is added to the reserve’s funds. Approximately £100 is made per issue.
Thanks also to Pat Thistlethwaite who compiles them for us.


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