Sand Martins

Wednesday, July 17th 2013

Several of the ringing team found themselves on the banks of the River Swale on Sunday evening to ring at a large Sand Martin Colony.  The burrows extended for several hundred metres down the banks - nets were set close to these to catch the birds as they flew into the nest holes.

Over 100 birds were caught, a mixture of adults and juveniles.  Amongst those caught were two birds that had previously been ringed in France and one retrap from Britain.

Thank you to the team who turned out to help, hopefully we will get a chance later in the summer to return to the site!

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Tony Crease responded on 18th Jul 2013 with...

Picture of Tony Crease

I have had no email and no telephone since before Cape Wrath hence the delay in this note.  I would very much like to thank, belatedly, Elizabeth, Brian, Ruth, Ann, the weekend staff, and all the other volunteers who so kindly and efficiently kept the site running while some of us were braving the challenging weather at Cape Wrath.  Everything was in perfect order when we returned and the permanent staff and I are extremely grateful for your support.  Cape Wrath was another story and hopefully we will get a retrospective blog and some photographs into the gallery quite soon; suffice it to say the conditions were the worst we had experienced for several years!  The Bioblitz and BBQ are running this weekend and as the weather looks like holding I hope many of you will turn out to enjoy both.  Finally, with my computer being down, today was the first opportunity I have had to process the data from CES day 7 on Sunday July 7. We ringed 227 birds that day which was 5th best for day 7 over the 21 years of the Foxglove CES.  But more importantly, if you glance at the Ringing Section you will notice that we have finally broken the 50 thousand barrier for new birds ringed on site which is pretty remarkable. Adding up the different birds processed which includes ALL the birds handled ie new, retraps, controls etc the number is 93,679. This is an amazing number by any standards and a tribute to all who have ringed at Foxglove over the years and those who continue to do so.  The information and data that have been produced/recorded during this period are outstanding and testament to the hard work and dedication of so many enthusiastic and inspired individuals.


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