Spring Flowers

Friday, May 3rd 2013

A few days of sunshine and the wind swinging away from the north and east has resulted in the spring flowers blooming across the reserve.  Primroses can be seen along Risedale Beck as one would expect, but they also pop up beside footpaths, on the sides of a beck running across the moor and sheltered under the trees.


Wood Anemones are also called wind flowers as they move, even with the slightest of breezes.  These flowers open when the sun shines but close up tightly when the sun sets or it is cloudy.  The underside of the petals are often shaded pink.

Wood Anemone

Wood Sorrel, a woodland flower, again can be seen along Risedale Beck.  It also grows on the old wood in amongst the moss.  This is another flower that can have pink stripes on its petals.

Wood Sorrel

Dog Violets grow in many different places, on paths, in the woodland, on steps and on the moorland.  The dark stripes act as honey guides to direct insects and bees to the nectar.

Dog Violet

The hive bees were making the most of the sunshine and returning to the hive with large pollen sacs.  A Peacock Butterfly was seen today along with some bumble bees, but there still appears to be very little insect life around.  However, closer inspection shows that they are there.  These tiny insects are in a Barren Strawberry flower.

Insects in Barren Strawberry

The bright yellow Celandine also attracted insects.


Then waiting in the wings to flower and provide more food, are Bird Cherry

Bird Cherry

and Rowan.



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