Team Tuesday

Tuesday, July 24th 2012

The Tuesday volunteers spent the day up around the outdoor classroom, strimming and clearing bracken.  The warm wet weather we have had this summer has created conditions ideal for brackens and other ferns.

The area by the classroom was thick with tall tough bracken stems, creating a dense shade and smothering other plants.  The cut stems were removed from the area to allow light to penetrate through to the ground and encourage growth of grasses and flowers.

These ringlet butterflies were seen mating on a grass stem as we worked.  The small circles on the underwings, which give the butterfly its name, vary in number and size and may be enlarged and elongated or reduced to small white spots; occasionally they lack the black ring.

To compliment the monthly flower walks, Ann and Elizabeth spent some time this morning looking at other plants found on the reserve.  With the help of a hand lens and some of the books several grasses and sedges were identified.

Thank you to everyone who has given up their time today to help out with the various tasks around the reserve.

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