Varied Volunteering

Wednesday, September 13th 2017

There was heavy rain last night – 17mm according to our rain gauge – and it showed in the water flows on the reserve. The Cascading Ponds were bubbling over the dams,

…and the weir at the lake was overflowing all the way along.

Fortunately we had anticipated the weather and I had put the moth trap out on the more sheltered side of the Field Centre. There were some moths to be found ready for identification by the moth recording team this morning, but they weren’t the most prolific group today: Elizabeth exclaimed as she emptied the trap that she’d never seen so many caddis flies!

Finds today included a number of autumnal rustics and an angle shades; a favourite of some members of the moth team. However, as well as identifying the moths caught today they agreed to have a look at photo I took of one I spotted earlier in the week near the heath...there was some debate as to whether it’s a pink-barred sallow or a sallow!

Sometimes a range of skills and a willingness to help can lead to a varied day of volunteering: Chris came in today primarily to help with the moth identification, but expanded into identifying dragonflies and fungi – including this small but striking yellow club fungus.

She also kindly agreed to help me with the ladder while I tackled the high wasp activity at the lake hide. Thankfully not an everyday task - thank you Chris!

Thanks also to the rest of the moth team and to Ruth and Elizabeth for updating some of our classroom displays.

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