Water Voles and String

Thursday, June 9th 2016

Regular readers of this blog will surely be unsurprised to hear that today was busy! Our technical volunteers built us four water vole feeding platforms, which we’re hoping will make spotting our adorable, but elusive water voles easier – we’ll let you know when they start getting used! Please let us know if you’d like to sponsor their apples!

A group of young people also came to help us as part of their John Muir Award. They helped tidy up our heath and then installed two of the new water vole platforms.

The volunteers built our new rafts very quickly and efficiently so with time left and keen, as ever, to help with all jobs however obscure they found a large amount of string to untangle…

Now it is neatly stored and much more useful. Thank you to all who helped today!

This evening we have a Beavers group in and it looks to be a lovely evening for it!

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