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Large and Small

Wednesday, March 28th 2018

Not the most interesting of photographs but proof that spring is fighting its way here.  Bird Cherry leaves are usually the first to burst their buds and sure enough there was plenty of green just showing through.

Bird Cherry buds

Larch has just made it into the March flower list.  The red female flowers are beginning to cover the branches.

Female Larch flower

By the far moor gate only Lark could be seen.  Could we have misplaced an Exmoor Pony?  A slight brown patch appeared behind the Gorse.

Brown Gorse?

'I'm here!'  I think Taurus had spotted us from his hiding place before we spotted him.

I'm here!

Walking down the path a Roe Buck was browsing. His antlers were clear of velvet.  He certainly knew we were there but was unconcerned.  It was only as we moved off that he decided that he too would amble off.

Roe Buck

From one of the largest animals on the reserve to one of the smallest, the Mud Snail.  We now have five of these tiny snails in a tank in the Activity Room.  They enjoy lettuce and Purple Moor Grass, with the occasional drop of fish food once a month.  

Mud Snails on lettuce

Ann Carter, from the People, Ponds and Water Project brought the snails to us with a poster giving information about these rare snails.   They can be found on our wetland.

Checking the Mud Snails

Leaving the reserve we encouraged this Smooth Newt back into the vegetation, off the road.  I hope that we put him on the right side!

Smooth Newt

Although the night temperatures are low, during the day it may get warm enough to tempt some of the Toads to begin to leave their hibernation sites and start walking back to their ponds.  Please take care as you drive along the access road.  Thank you.

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