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Sunday, May 30th 2010

Reserve Staff were greeted this morning by a comical display of an extended greylag family.

Greylag family

There were five adults, all told, and thirteen very fine gosling although some were just off to the side.

Today's pond dipping was successful with quite a variety of pondlife being found.

Pond dipping

Diving Beetle larvae

These are just some of the creatures that our intrepid fisherpeople caught: a selection of snails, Water Boatmen, Caddisfly larvae, Water Louse, Damselfly larvae and various beetles, including that amusingly named “the Nightmare Creature” by one of our young men. This is actually a Diving Beetle larvae and is pictured above.

On our return journey a young lady spotted a Common Newt that was sitting just below the water surface where we were able to get a good view.

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