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Race Against Time

Tuesday, March 9th 2021

Work in the Willow coppice is now complete and the site has been left to regenerate. It looks quite drastic but will soon green up as the new Willow shoots begin to grow. 

However, there is no time to rest as Spring is fast approaching and the diseased and dangerous Ash trees along Risedale Beck still need to be made safe before the reserve is opened up again to visitors.

Most of the felling has been carried out now but there is a big tidy up operation afoot! The amount of brash from one canopy is incredible and cannot be left on the Bluebell banks below the trees. Some will be processed into woodchips next week but the volume is so great that the team have had to have several small brash fires too.

Branches were dragged away from the wildflower banks where Spring flowers will be emerging soon.

Larger pieces of timber were cut into manageable sized chunks and most of these were stacked into habitat piles.

The trees look healthy on the outside but they are completely rotten on the inside due to Ash Dieback as you can see here.

This cross section reminded us of a famous piece of art! 

Can you guess which one?

(2) Comments:

Jan responded on 10th Mar 2021 with...

What an enormous task, well done everyone!

I’m absolutely amazed at the rot inside the tree trunks, l imagined it would be just under the bark. As always, the Foxglove Blog is a great educator. 

Regards the painting ... l think Edvard Munch would be looking for royalties!!

Andrew Gillings responded on 11th Mar 2021 with...

I think the log sums up the last 12months! Aaarrrggghhhh - is that how you spell Scream????

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