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Rivers of the North and South Quiz Answers

Wednesday, August 28th 2013

Thank you again to Glennis and Pat for writing the quiz for us.  This edition has raised in excess of £150 for the reserve, the answers are listed below.

Rivers of the North

  1. It doesn't flow through Wales - Swale
  2. It grew by Camelot - Rye
  3. Did it flow through the first garden? - Eden
  4. A different name in days of yore - Ure
  5. Named after Garbo - Greta
  6. Basil Bunting wrote of it - Rawthey
  7. Could this be a flirtatious man? - Coquet
  8. The river must Do Little out east - Liza
  9. The bird of peace - Dove
  10. It underwent a change - Derwent
  11. Sounds as though it erodes its banks - Wear
  12. Tee off to the South - Tees
  13. Eric catapulted inside this river - Riccat
  14. It was oddly greylot - Gelt
  15. Bradman or duck? - Don
  16. Enid didn't care to hide it - Nidd
  17. Ask Ernest where the river is - Skerne
  18. Rock the cradle - Calder
  19. Sounds like it is good for beating eggs - Wiske
  20. Sounds very breathable - Aire

Rivers of the South

  1. Without right it is a number - Severn
  2. Sounds as if it seeps into everything - Ouse
  3. Smoke it or ride it - Camel
  4. It makes good butter - Churn
  5. Go fishing with a broken net - Kennet
  6. Does this flow quickly - Fleet
  7. Shakespeare knew this river - Avon
  8. A quick exam - Test
  9. It alters tours - Stour
  10. The easiest of all is included here - Fal
  11. It's a permenant spot on the skin - Mole
  12. 'e wishes to 'eat the water - Otter
  13. Chops the wood - Axe
  14. He's exempt inside here - Exe
  15. Does it flow to the West? - Frome
  16. No 'bravo' for my brother - Rother
  17. It was formed way down in Kent - Medway
  18. Give Kath a message from inside  - Thames
  19. Do things breed by this river? - Brede
  20. It got mixed up in a mart - Tamar

The top five scores were:

  • Christine Byers - 39/40
  • Michael Fenwick - 39/40
  • Viv Winter - 36/40
  • Paul and Elaine Thorpe - 36/40
  • Tim Helps - 35/40

With two people sharing the top score of 39/40 Christine Byers name was drawn out of a hat as the winner and will receive a £10 prize.

(2) Comments:

pat thistlethwaite responded on 29th Aug 2013 with...

I set the questions and it is lovely to hear from my friend, Glennis, who does such a sterling job
at distributing and selling the sheets, how much folk enjoy doing the quiz.  There is another one in the pipeline (by popular request I understand from Glennis).
I would love to hear from anyone who does the quiz - are they set at the right level?  Would you like them to be any harder?  Can you think of any topics I can use (I am rapidly running out of ideas)?  The next quiz - hopefully before Christmas - is on North Yorkshire Villages.  Thanks so much for joining in - it does make it all worthwhile - and it is a splendid cause.

Ann Brack responded on 12th Feb 2014 with...

I have a number of quizzes which I think may be useful.  I if you would like to get in touch please do.  Ann Brack

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