Storm Emma?

Thursday, March 1st 2018

First things first, causing mini blizzards by using the leaf blower to remove snow from the paths around the Field Centre; although highly effective is also a great way of covering yourself in snow too.

Stopped to admire the massive icicles around the Field Centre before topping the bird feeders up and heading over to the Moorland to meet up with Lark and Taurus.

As always the carrots and apples were most welcome by Taurus, whereas Lark was far more sensible and stuck to hay. This was the first of three trips to check on the lads and top up their hay reserves; thankfully they have now taken to sheltering by the top gate onto the Moorland and seem right at home in this kind of weather.

After continuing the bird feed run to include the net ride feeders and hoppers there was time to replace bird box 139 down at Risedale Beck before turning in to warm up and eat lunch.

This particular nest box is one kindly donated to us after our Bird Box building event earlier in the year. 

After lunch it was back out towards the wetland hide to fix the door on the owl box by the gate; you really start to feel the wind chill factor when halfway up a tree fiddling with clasps and eyelets with no gloves on! 

We decided to go all out later on and stock up some of the feeding stations with expired Army rations.

Down at the Lakeside Bird Bistro 'Bacon, Omelette and Beans' were served up, along with 'Mexican Bean Salad', and for the birds watching their weight 'Tuna in Light Mayonnaise'; all of which went down a treat.

After one last trip to take the ponies more hay we headed home on a day when half of the country seemingly skived off.

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