When the Sun Comes Out

Tuesday, August 8th 2023

I wonder what it must be like to live in a country where it always rains at 12 and dries up at 2.  What do they talk about?  Back to our weather and yesterday it was very much dash out to see what was around when the sun came out!  The orchard was the place to be.  A beautiful Peacock butterfly landed and started feeding allowing me to take a photograph.  It even spread its wings so I could see the 'eye' on its underwing.  These 'eyes' are used to scare a predator.

Another butterfly was also flying around quite quickly but initially it would not sit still.  Food was on its mind and it landed on a Knapweed and stretched out its proboscis, deep into the flower.  It was not the only visitor to that particular flower, a bee was feeding from the other side.  These are the butterflies that I usually chase around the reserve saying 'It went that way or this way or it disappeared!'  Thankfully this Brimstone co-operated!

A Chinese Character, a small moth that looks very much like a bird dropping, did not want to sit on a leaf so flew onto the wooden trunk.  Better than nothing, so a photo was taken.

Another one was much more obedient and sat still on a leaf.

A Slender Brindle moth was also recorded.

After trying to take the photographs of moths it was moths 7 me 2!

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