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Ceratapion (Ceratapion) gibbirostre

Cercyon (Cercyon) convexiusculus

Cercyon (Cercyon) haemorrhoidalis

Cercyon (Cercyon) melanocephalus

Cercyon (Cercyon) pygmaeus

Cercyon (Cercyon) unipunctatus

Ceutorhynchus assimilis

Ceutorhynchus erysimi

Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus

Ceutorhynchus typhae

Chaetida longicornis

Heather Ladybird - Chilocorus bipustulatus

Kidney Spot Ladybird - Chilocorus renipustulatus

Found on Ash trees. During summer 2011 many larvae found on the trees also.

Chrysolina polita

Chrysolina staphylaea

Chrysomela aenea

Green Tiger Beetle - Cicindela campestris

Figwort Weevil - Cionus scrophulariae

Cleonis pigra

Wasp Beetle - Clytus arietis

This beetle lives mainly on pollen. Its larvae live and feed on rotten wood. This one was found by the Eco Club children. It does a very good impression of a wasp but is actually harmless.

Coccidula rufa

Hieroglyphic Ladybird - Coccinella hieroglyphica

This ladybird likes the litter under Heather. It is widespread but local and is declining in numbers.

7-spot Ladybird - Coccinella septempunctata

Both the adult and the larva are voracious feeders of aphids.

There were many 7-spot Ladybirds seen on the reserve during late summer in 2010.

Coelostoma orbiculare

Colymbetes fuscus

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