Adding individual species is a work in progress. Go here for the full list of species in PDF format to download

Hesperocorixa linnaei

Hesperocorixa sahlbergi

Water Measurer - Hydrometra stagnorum

Saucer Bug - Ilyocoris cimicoides

Javesella (Javesella) discolor

Kleidocerys truncatulus

Found on the heath during a Bug Event run by Dr Key

Leptopterna dolabrata

Lygocoris (Lygocoris) pabulinus

Macustus grisescens

Microvelia (Microvelia) reticulata

Myrmus miriformis

Nabis (Dolichonabis) limbatus

Nabis (Nabicula) flavomarginatus

Heath Damsel Bug - Nabis (Nabis) ericetorum

Nabis (Nabis) rugosus

Lesser Froghopper - Neophilaenus lineatus

Water Scorpion - Nepa cinerea

These creatures do have fully formed wings but rarely fly. They are hunters and will even catch and eat small fish.

Common Backswimmer - Notonecta (Notonecta) glauca

Notonecta (Notonecta) obliqua

Notostira elongata

Green Shield Bug - Palomena prasina

Pantilius (Pantilius) tunicatus

Forest Shield Bug - Pentatoma rufipes

The nymphs feed mainly on oak. The adults are partly predatory, eating caterpillars and fruit.

Common Froghopper - Philaenus spumarius

Spiked Shield Bug - Picromerus bidens

Dr Key took an activity for children at the beginning of August 2018. They collected insects using a variety of methods and in amongst their catch were several new species to the reserve, including this Spiked Shield Bug.

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