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Flowering Plants

Adding individual species is a work in progress. Go here for the full list of species in PDF format to download

Lords-and-ladies - Arum maculatum

Wild Arum flowers can be seen during May in the woodlands. Unfortunately quite often they are nibbled and so do not produce the poisonous red berries in autumn.

Wintercress - Barbarea vulgaris

Daisy - Bellis perennis

Daisy is a corruption of "day's eye" . The Daisy opens its flower as noon approaches and then closes up for the evening.

Lesser Water-parsnip - Berula erecta

Silver Birch - Betula pendula

Silver Birch grows through out the reserve and in autumn, can turn some areas yellow.

Downy Birch - Betula pubescens

Rape - Brassica napus

Buddleja - Buddleja davidii

Flowering Rush - Butomus umbellatus

Intermediate Water-starwort - Callitriche hamulata

Recorded during a survey in July and August in 2015

Autumnal Water-starwort - Callitriche hermaphroditica

Found on the wetland.

Various-leaved Water-starwort - Callitriche platycarpa

Water Starwort - Callitriche stagnalis

Heather/Ling - Calluna vulgaris

Heather has been used as thatching and to make brushes and baskets! On the Reserve it provides pollen for the bees during August and September.

Marsh Marigold - Caltha palustris

Marsh Marigold was confined to the Voley ponds and one place in the Scrapes ponds. Not so now and the bright yellow flower heads can be seen through the Scrapes and on the moor. Many insects feed from this flower.

Harebell - Campanula rotundifolia

Over the last few years this delicate blue flower has spread across the moor. It flowers in the late summer.

Shepherd's Purse - Capsella bursa-pastoris

Large Bittercress - Cardamine amara

This plant does not flower for a long period of time. it can be seen in the Scrapes.

Wavy Bittercress - Cardamine flexuosa

Hairy Bittercress - Cardamine hirsuta

Lady's Smock - Cardamine pratensis

Milkmaids and Cuckoo Flower are just two of the names that this flower is known by. This is the food plant of the Orange Tip butterlfy.

Welted Thistle - Carduus crispus

Hornbeam - Carpinus betulus

This tree was planted as part of the Foxglvoe 25 celebrations.

Sweet Chestnut - Castanea sativa

This was palnted as part of the Foxglove 25 celebrations in July 2017

Annual Cornflower - Centaurea cyanus

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