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Taeniolina scripta

Alder Tongue - Taphrina alni

Initially seen on Alder near the Bullet Catcher mink raft and inlet.

Alder tongue is a fungal pathogen which induces the tree to produce flaming tongue-like growths or galls from the fresh female cones of Alder.

Birch Besom - Taphrina betulina

Taphrina sadebeckii

Oyster Rollrim - Tapinella panuoides

Tarzetta catinus

Earthfan - Thelephora terrestris

Toninia aromatica

Hairy Bracket - Trametes hirsuta

Trametes ochracea

Turkey Tail - Trametes versicolor

This was known as Coriolus versicolour.

This very common, thin bracket fungus often grows in tiers on daed wood. It often contains a variety of colours in zoned stripes and can therefore appear very variable. The pores underneath are tiny and white/cream.

Leafy Brain - Tremella foliacea

This reddish-brown brain-like fungus is found growing on deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs.

Yellow Brain Fungus - Tremella mesenterica

Yellow Brain is often found on gorse on the moor in FC. When it dries it often turns more orange, but pale and even white forms are sometimes found. It is actually a parasite on another fungus called Peniphora, but it is often not possible to see this other fungus on the twig since the Yellow Brain is attacking the mycelium of the Peniphora

Purplepore Bracket - Trichaptum abietinum

Birch Knight - Tricholoma fulvum

Plums and Custard - Tricholomopsis rutilans

A descriptive English name for this fungi which has a plum-coloured cap and bright yellow gills The cap can be 10cm across and it usually grows on large stumps or fallen trunks of pines.

Holly Speckle - Trochila ilicina

Tubaria dispersa

Scurfy Twiglet - Tubaria furfuracea

Redleg Club - Typhula erythropus

Bluebell Rust - Uromyces muscari

Velutarina rufo-olivacea

Candle Snuff - Xylaria hypoxylon

This very common black and white fungus is usually referred to as Candlesnuff Fungus but is sometimes referred to a Stagshorn fungus. At Foxglove Covert we have plenty of this little fungus growing on the dead wood of broadleaved trees. You should be able to find examples that look like candle wicks as well as some that look like stags horns!

Dead Moll's Fingers - Xylaria longipes

Dead Man's Fingers - Xylaria polymorpha

Dead Man’s Fingers is a type of flask fungi. The fruit bodies are often up to 8cm high and when grouped together do have an uncanny resemblance to swollen, black fingers trying to claw out of the ground. It can be found on dead stumps of deciduous trees, especially beech.

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