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Adding individual species is a work in progress. Go here for the full list of species in PDF format to download

Mouse Moth - Amphipyra tragopoginis

Anabolia nervosa

Scavenger Water Beetle - Anacaena globulus

Anacaena limbata

Anacaena lutescens

Green Arches - Anaplectoides prasina

Anaspis (Anaspis) maculata

Anaspis (Nassipa) rufilabris

Eyed Ladybird - Anatis ocellata

Information says it likes conifers, but the one recorded was on a Stinging Nettle!

Emperor Dragonfly - Anax imperator

Ancylis achatana

Ancylis badiana

River Limpet - Ancylus fluviatilis

Anotylus rugosus

Anotylus sculpturatus

Anotylus tetracarinatus

Orange Tip - Anthocharis cardamines

Anthocoris nemoralis

Common Flower Bug - Anthocoris nemorum

Anthonomous (Anthonomous) bituberculatus

Anthophagus (Phaganthus) caraboides

Nettle Tap - Anthophila fabriciana

Shoulder Stripe - Anticlea badiata

Streamer - Anticlea derivata

Antistea elegans

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