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Large Twin-spot Carpet - Xanthorhoe quadrifasiata

Heath Rustic - Xestia agathina

Dotted Clay - Xestia baja

First recorded in 2001.

Setaceous Hebrew Character - Xestia c-nigrum

Square-spotted Clay - Xestia rhomboidea

Six-stripe Rustic - Xestia sexstrigata

Double Square-spot - Xestia triangulum

Square-spot Rustic - Xestia xanthographa

Alder Wood Wasp - Xiphydria camelus

The Alder Woodwasp is not a very common species. It’s a wood borer in Alder, usually trees that are rather stressed, or in dead Alder wood.

Red Sword-grass - Xylena vetusta

Early Grey - Xylocampa areola

Xylocoris (Xylocoris) cursitans

Xylota segnis

Xyphosia miliaria

Crab Spider - Xysticus cristatus

Spindle Ermine - Yponomeuta cagnagella

Bird-cherry Ermine - Yponomeuta evonymella

Orchard Ermine - Yponomeuta padella

Honeysuckle Moth - Ypsolopha dentella

Ypsolopha nemorella

Ypsolopha parenthesella

Ypsolopha scabrella

Ypsolopha sequella

Fan Foot - Zanclognatha tarsipennalis

Zaraea fasciata

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