Adding individual species is a work in progress. Go here for the full list of species in PDF format to download

Wood Mouse - Apodemus sylvaticus

Water Vole - Arvicola amphibius

Water Vole, until recently known as A terrestris.

Roe Deer - Capreolus capreolus

This male Roe Deer, in velvet , was seen at the stone pile He was feeding on the Hawthorn tree.

Their favourite places are around the far side of the lake and the woodland.

Hedgehog - Erinaceus europaeus

Hare - Lepus europaeus

This photo was taken by John, as he watched a pair of Hares feeding on the middle moor. Thi swas also the photo that we used as the front cover of the 2018 calendar.

Otter - Lutra lutra

An Otter and her youngster have been seen below the weir at the lake.

Badger - Meles meles

Field Vole - Microtus agrestis

Stoat - Mustela erminea

Weasel - Mustela nivalis

Bank Vole - Myodes glareolus

Whiskered Bat - Myotis mystacinus

Natterers Bat - Myotis nattereri

Water Shrew - Neomys fodiens

Noctule Bat - Nyctalus noctula

Rabbit - Oryctolagus cuniculus

They do a very good job of digging little holes along the paths!!!!

Pipistrelle Bat - Pipistrellus pipistrellus

Soprano Pipistrelle - Pipistrellus pygmaeus

This bat was identified using a Bat Detector and so separating this species from the Common Pipistrelle.

Brown Rat - Rattus norvegius

Grey Squirrel - Sciurus carolinensis

Common Shrew - Sorex areneus

Pygmy Shrew - Sorex minutus

Mole - Talpa europaea

Rarely seen but their activites are very clear, especially across the moor. A quick glimp was all I mamged to get of this Mole!

Red Fox - Vulpes vulpes