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Agonopterix ocellana

Scarce Umber - Agriopis aurantiaria

Dotted Border - Agriopis marginaria

Agriphila straminella

Agriphila tristella

Brick - Agrochola circellaris

Flounced Chestnut - Agrochola helvola

Red-line Quaker - Agrochola lota

Beaded Chestnut - Agrochola lychnidis

Yellow-line Quaker - Agrochola macilenta

Heart and Dart - Agrotis exclamationis

Dark Sword Grass - Agrotis ipsilon

Shuttle-shaped Dart - Agrotis puta

Turnip Moth - Agrotis segetum

Mottled Beauty - Alcis repandata

Green-brindled Crescent - Allophyes oxyacanthae

March Moth - Alsophila aescularia

Crinan Ear - Amphipoea crinanensis

Large Ear - Amphipoea lucens

Ear Moth - Amphipoea oculea

The first record of this moth was in August 2016. The larva feeds on the insides of the lower stems and roots of grasses.

Svensson's Copper Underwing - Amphipyra berbera subsp svenssoni

Copper Underwing - Amphipyra pyramidea

Mouse Moth - Amphipyra tragopoginis

Green Arches - Anaplectoides prasina

Ancylis achatana

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