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Ancylis badiana

Nettle Tap - Anthophila fabriciana

Shoulder Stripe - Anticlea badiata

Streamer - Anticlea derivata

Clouded-bordered Brindle - Apamea crenata

The larva feed on grasses including Cock's-foot. It pupates in a loose cell among roots.

Clouded Brindle - Apamea epomidion

Confused - Apamea furva

Light Arches - Apamea lithoxylaea

Dark Arches - Apamea monoglypha

Egg laying has been observed in the wild into leaf-sheafs of Tufted Hair-grass.

Dusky Brocade - Apamea remissa

Slender Brindle - Apamea scolopacina

Rustic Shoulder-knot - Apamea sordens

Small Clouded Brindle - Apamea unanimis

Timothy Tortrix - Aphelia paleana

Aphelia unitana

Bee Moth - Aphomia sociella

Northern Deep-brown Dart - Aporophyla lueneburgensis

Black Rustic - Aporophyla nigra

Apotomis betuletana

Orange Underwing - Archiearis parthenias

Large Fruit-tree Tortrix - Archips podana

Garden Tiger - Arctia caja

The patterns on the wings of this moth vary. The caterpillars feed on a wide range of plants including Common Nettle, Broad-leaved Dock and many garden plants.

Argyesthia albistria

Argyresthia albistria

Argyresthia bonnetella

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