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Abies alba

Grand Fir - Abies grandis

Field Maple - Acer campestre

Norway Maple - Acer platanoides

Sycamore - Acer pseudoplatanus

The shady Sycamore walk of summer turns to a blaze of colour in the autumn.

Yarrow - Achillea millefolium

Sneezewort - Achillea ptarmica

Sneezewort can be seen around the reserve through July and August.

Fool's Parsley - Aethusa cynapium

First recorded on a survey in July and August 2015

Agrimony - Agrimonia eupatoria

Velvet Bent - Agrostis canina

Common Bent - Agrostis capillaris

Black Bent - Agrostis gigantea

Creeping Bent - Agrostis stolonifera

Brown Bent - Agrostis vinealis

Silver Hair-grass - Aira caryophyllea

Bugle - Ajuga reptans

Bugle was one of the many plants that medieval herbalists regarded as a cure-all. Apparently it cured wounds and stabs, ulcers and broken bones.

Hairless Lady's Mantle - Alchemilla glabra

Narrow-leaved Water-plantain - Alisma lanceolatum

Water-plantain - Alisma plantago-aquatica

Garlic Mustard - Alliaria petiolata

It is also known as Jack-by-the hedge. This flower is not often seen on the reserve.

Ramsons - Allium ursinum

Ramsons or Wild Garlic show their white heads through the Bluebells in the late spring.

Alder - Alnus glutinosa

Grey Alder - Alnus incana

Marsh Foxtail - Alopecurus geniculatus

Meadow Foxtail - Alopecurus pratensis

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